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The Illinois State Crime Commission/ Police Athletic League of Illinois has been recognized for its legislative efforts concerning a number of laws serving the Chicagoland communities and beyond.

Some of these efforts include:

  • DNA profiling of juvenile sex offenders
  • Loss of license for underage possession of alcohol and drugs
  • Loss of firearm owner’s identification card for convicted domestic batterers
  • Proposal to criminalize the failure to report school crimes
  • Support passage of law allowing communities to control local obscenity standards
  • Introduced Dram Shop reform legislation, January, 1997. ISCC Executive Director, Jerry Elsner, was able to get the liquor lobby to sit down with legislators and anti-drunk driving group and, for the first time in Illinois, pass a law that actually gave monetary value to a wife killed in a drunk driving crash.
  • Proposed taking guns away from those convicted of domestic violence, January, 1997 Instituted “Mobilize Illinois ’97” to achieve passage of bill

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