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MMA Fighter: New Head Of The PAL MMA Program

Master Bob Schirmer, the founder of mixed martial arts training Combat-Do, is now the head of the PAL MMA Program for the Illinois State Crime Commission.

Master Bob learned boxing from his father, Robert Sr., a Golden Gloves Champion and a decorated Airborne Ranger with the 82nd Airborne Division in World War ll. Having become an 8th Degree black belt champion at a young age, and has since been honored in several Halls of Fame, among them Chicago wrestling, judo, Tae-Kwon Do, and boxing. He has represented the United States and the United States Marine Corps., on five different continents.

Known as a fierce and prolific warrior, he is now training world class athletes and has recently won the World MMA Championship with the United States MMA team. Previously, he won many awards as a Chicago Police Officer, taught at the Chicago Police Academy, coached and trained fighters for many national and world titles, and will be taking his team to Canada in November for the Canadien Championships.

Since focusing on coaching and training, his top national winning schools and teams have placed first over 2,400 times, and finished in the top four categories almost 5,000 times. Surely a record that can not be matched at any level.

You can find more about Master Bob on the Internet, watch some of his great victories on U-Tube, and read more about this decorated veteran and incredible MMA Master. The Illinois State Crime Commission is proud to welcome Master Bob Schirmer to direct the PAL MMA team.