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The ISCC is Recognized Nationally for its use of Rewards Assisting in the Closure of Some of the Most Heinous Crimes Ever Reported

The Crime Commission has also established the first cooperative program in Illinois which collects contributions from criminals and distributes it back to crime-fighting agencies. A witness protection fund has also been established to aid the judicial system in prosecutions.

  • In November of 1995, the Crime Commission paid the $5,000 reward that led to the convictions in brutal Addison, Illinois murders. This heinous case included an unborn child being cut from the mother.

  • Safety Seminar Willowbrook High School, Villa Park, IL

  • Established the Anti-Crime Contribution Committee in DuPage County which allows court mandated contributions from criminals to go to crime-fighting agencies. Over $100,000 has been collected from criminals and used to fight crime

  • Violence Clinic Seminar, Anger Clinic, IBEW #701 Building, Lisle, IL

  • Press conference contribution committee, DuPage County Courthouse, Wheaton, IL

  • Crime reenactment, Crime Victim Rights Week, Law offices, Oak Brook, IL

  • Crime reenactment Crime Victim Rights Week, Cook County Courthouse, 26th and California Chicago, IL

  • National Night Out, Southern Cook County, Illinois

  • Education of public on the irresponsible storage of handguns

  • Encourage use of nuisance abatement laws to reduce drug sales

  • Offer reward for reporting fellons in possession of guns

  • Offered reward for reporting drug sales at teen dance clubs.

  • Offered $5000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of suspect in the murder at the McDonald’s restaurant, Wheaton, IL.

  • Offered $1000 reward for tips leading to the arrest and conviction of felons carrying guns.

  • Offered reward for tips leading to arrest and conviction in Wheaton murder

  • Offered up to $1000 reward for those who provide club drugs to juveniles and $100 for bar employees who turn in confiscated fake ID’s

  • Offered $1000 reward leading to imprisonment for those providing heroin to youth in DuPage County, IL

  • Offered $100 reward for tips leading to arrest and conviction of those providing alcohol to minors

  • Offered $5000 reward leading to conviction in home invasion case, Warrenville, IL

  • Board member Kevin Joyce offered $100 reward for reporting drunk drivers in Chicagoland Halloween 2003.

  • Operation Payback, $100 reward for reporting underage drinking parties in DuPage County during 2003 holiday season, when such report leads to arrest and conviction.

  • Operation Payback continued in 2004, including Operation Prom Night 2004.

  • Renewed reward offering $100 for reporting those adults supplying alcohol to underage individuals.

  • Initiated “Tough Guys Don’t Do Drugs™” Campaign.

  • Offered $10,000 reward for arrest and conviction of murder suspect in Oak Brook, Illinois case.

  • Offered $1000 reward for information on fatal hit and run of Cook County sheriff’s officer.

  • Offered $1000 reward advertised on television in multiple counties for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those providing heroin to juveniles.

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