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ISCC: Heroin is ‘Medical Emergency’

At the Illinois State Crime Commission heroin summit held Saturday, March 9th at Prairie State College, a panel of experts came together to facilitate public discussion of the epidemic of heroin use. Joseph Troiani, director of behavioral Health Programs at the Will County Health Department states that the heroin epidemic should be declared a medical emergency.

The event, moderated by veteran newsman Jim Johnson of WLS 890am radio, was well covered by television and print media and brought together a wide range of individuals deeply involved in solving this community crisis.

The Illinois State Crime Commission believes that until this epidemic can be fully addressed, immediate stopgap measures must be taken:
1. Make it mandatory that all first responders and educational facilities have personnel that are trained and equipped with a heroin overdose antidote kit known as the Overdose Prevention Rescue Kit. The use of this antidote is already allowed by current law.
2. Publicize the new 911 Good Samaritan Law enacted in 2012 and make sure it is strictly enforced.
The Illinois State Crime Commission proposes that a holistic approach of education, prevention and the measures listed above be taken statewide.

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