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The ISCC/PAL Education Legislative Efforts



The ISCC initiated Project Exile in Illinois, DNA profiling and the Child Protection Act and protected the integrity of the internet from a misinformed politically motivated legislature.

  • DNA profiling of juvenile sex offenders

  • Loss of license for underage possession of alcohol drugs

  • Loss of firearm owners identification card for convicted

       domestic batterers

  • Proposal to criminalize the failure to report school crimes

  • Support passage of law allowing communities to control local

        obscenity standards

  • Introduced Dram Shop reform legislation, January, 1997

  • Proposed taking guns away from those convicted of domestic violence, January, 1997 Instituted “Mobilize Illinois ’97” to achieve passage of bill

  • Proposed mandatory sobriety field tests in DUI arrests, February, 1997

  • Proposed legislation to reform licensing of security guards

  • Proposed legislation to prevent lottery machine sales to children

  • Proposed legislation and expert witness on legislation requiring complaints to sign when filing against police officers

  • Proposed that convicted sex offenders cannot be within 500 feet of a school building, or school activity, 1997

  • Expert witness for anti-terrorism bill sponsored by City of Chicago, 1997

  • Expert witness fraud legislation sponsored by State Representative Anne Zickus, 1997

  • Proposed elimination of alcohol sales in gas stations, 1997

  • Proposed lowering the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) for drivers in public service to 0.02

  • Led the effort to allow police officers and endangered women to register vehicles at the local police station

  • Proposed making it unlawful for convicted DUI offenders to own firearms

  • Proposed licensing of liquor servers, uniform compliance testing

  • Researched and discouraged the unconstitutional proposal regarding the dissemination of drug information over the internet

  • Initiated legislation increasing penalties for multiple animal abuse offenders

  • Proposed certification process and the creation of a permanent board by amending HB878 to strengthen school safety plans

  • Initiated statewide campaign to promote Child Safety Act

  • Researched raising the legal age for tobacco sales to nineteen in Illinois

  • Researched the Drug Impaired Minor Responsibility Act

  • Proposed the Parent Empowerment Act, Little Rico

  • Proposed Child Protection Act. Schools must be notified within 24 hours of an order of protection being given to a child

  • Researched the Alcohol Impaired Minor Responsibility Act

  • Proposed Project Exile in Illinois

  • Introduced child exploitation legislation which would, among other things, make it illegal to entice a person thought to be a juvenile into a meeting

  • Proposed legislation to exile convicted pedophiles out of state

  • Proposed law requiring professional wrestling safety disclaimers

  • Introduced legislation requiring radar-operated cameras at highway construction sites

  • Proposed youth sports official protection bill

  • Proposed recompense for false credit reporting

  • Proposed legislation requiring training for public officials who do death notification

  • Proposed anti-steroid legislation for Illinois High Schools

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