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Law Enforcement

ISCC/ PAL works with law enforcement agencies throughout the Chicagoland area in securing a proper platform for officer hands-on training. Throughout its tenure…

  • ISCC/ PAL has hosted seminars at no cost to law enforcement officers, providing the most current in combat protection based on evolving fighting styles and weaponry, which can vary according to:

    • Location

    • Types of crimes

    • Gang violence

    • Popular tactics

  • Some of these seminars have included:

    • Combat Gun Training Seminar hosted by SWAT members

    • Martial Arts Training through MMA techniques

    • Combat Stick Fighting

    • Training for specific events, such as NATO/G-8 summit

Forming Relationships with Chicago’s Youth
The Police Athletic League (PAL) program promotes positive relationships and communication between at-risk children and law enforcement through various athletic programs including:

  • Youth Boxing

  • Shop with a Sheriff for Christmas gifts

  • Back-to-School Fairs

  • Annual Coat Drives

Officers are able to provide mentorship and create bonds based on

trust and encouragement. This is a large step toward counteracting

negative opinions of law enforcement that are formed on the streets.

Preventing Crimes 

The ISCC/ PAL has made its mark when it comes to crime prevention

and punishment in the Chicago area including:

  • DNA profiling of juvenile sex offenders

  • Banning the sale of guns to anyone convicted of a domestic violence offense

  • Proposal to criminalize the failure to report school crimes

  • Proposal that convicted sex offenders cannot be within 500 feet of a school building or school activity

  • Initiated legislation increasing penalties for multiple animal abuse offenders

  • Proposed legislation to reform licensing of security guards

Solving Crimes

A number of criminals have been captured and brought to justice because of cash rewards offered through the ISCC/ PAL to civilians who provide information leading to the arrest of a perpetrator.

All services provided by the ISCC/ PAL are completely funded by private donations. Help do your part to keep Chicago and it’s surrounding suburbs safe.

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