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ISCC and MADD Combine Efforts to Curb Drinking and Driving

ISCC and MADD combine efforts to curb drinking and driving. A drunk driver crash is simulated to raise awareness as a public event.

  • Holidays have especially high incidents of alcohol related fatalities…Don’t be one!. Support your local Law enforcement, ISCC and MADD organizations in their effort to curb fatalities, through awareness, during National Sobriety Checkpoint weeks.

  • Project Prom Night – Legally go to Prom. Simply put, youth and alcohol is a dangerous combination. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

The ISCC established Project Prom Night and has led the state in many anti-drunk driving issues.

The ISCC has also worked with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists and governmental agencies to fight drunk driving and work for stronger legislation in this field. The following is a list of accomplishments working for safety against drunk drivers:

  • Press Conference Sobriety Checkpoint, DuPage County Court House, Wheaton, IL

  • Safe Holiday Press Conference, Thompson Building, Chicago, IL

  • Memorial Day crash reenactment, Oak Lawn Police Department, Oak Lawn, IL

  • Crash reenactment Halloween, Oak Brook Terrace Police Department, Oakbrook Terrace, IL

  • Crash reenactment Halloween, Thompson Building, Chicago, IL

  • Hands Off Halloween Press Conference, University of Illinois Children’s Hospital, Chicago, IL

  • Launched initiative to reform dram shop law

  • Press conference Oakbrook Terrace PD, National Safety Checkpoint Week. Covered by NBC, CNN, written press

  • Called for ban of liquor sales at service stations

  • Led statewide education on mandatory field sobriety tests

  • Developed statewide plan for liquor compliance program

  • Press conference crash reenactment for Fourth of July. Covered by CBS-TV (local and national) and written press

  • Press conference checkpoint demonstration for National Sobriety Checkpoint Week. Covered by NBC, CLTV, radio and written press

  • Proposed changes in regulations and enforcement for private delivery of alcohol to reduce its access to underage individuals

  • Established Project Prom Night, a joint effort of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the ISCC, identifying underage drinking and drunk driving

  • Hands Off Halloween initiative between International Brotherhood of Teamsters and ISCC, identifying underage drinking and drunk driving

  • Introduced Operation Prom Night, offering rewards for reports on adults offering alcohol to youth. Distributed hundreds of water bottles promoting the program to truck drivers

  • Press conference in support of Victims Rights, including drunk driving crashes

  • Initiated law making adults liable for damages and injuries caused by youth to whom they have provided liquor or illegal drugs (Adult Responsibility Act)

  • Received the “MADD About You” Award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving for excellence in combating drunk driving in Illinois

  • Press conferences for Hands Off Halloween in Worth and Roselle with mock crash and drunk driving arrest. Reward program of Board Member Kevin Joyce.

  • Press conference announcing Operation Payback, reward program for reporting underage drinking parties.

  • Operation Payback Prom Night 2004 curtailing underage drinking and driving.

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